Admit it- we all have done it. You’re driving in the car and “In the Air Tonight” comes on the radio and you get to that drum fill. You break out the air sticks and bang away on your steering wheel and for that few seconds you’re a rock star drummer! Perhaps your child comes up to you after watching their favorite band on TV and decides that they want to play drums like their new hero? Maybe you play another instrument and want to branch out into the world of rhythm? What will it cost you to trade in those air drumsticks for real ones?

Go To School!

Cost To Learn How To Play Drums

The most important part about learning to properly play the drums is having appropriate instruction. There are many forms of drum lessons available, from private instruction to online courses and books. The obvious benefit from a personal drum instructior is the interaction between student and teacher. If you have questions about a particular part, or if you have faulty mechanics for example, you will have someone to correct your drumming technique. Also, the drum teacher will be able to tailor their drum lesson to reflect the desires and abilities of the student, infinitely increasing their effectiveness and value.

However, private drum instruction is more costly than print and online methods. The usual private drum lesson will range from 30 minutes to an hour and pricing varies by the teacher’s experience level and location. The drum instructor usually gives lessons in a music store or in their own studio (basement or rehearsal space). Some drum instructors will come to your home and allow you to use your own equipment in a friendly environment. This “house call” type of instruction is usually the most expensive.

What you can expect to pay for drum lessons:

  • $15 to $30 for an in-store or studio 30 minute drum lesson
  • $25 to $60 for an in-store or studio 60 minute drum lesson
  • $50 to $100 for a drum lesson in your home, usually lasting an hour

While drum lessons seem expensive, there really is no better way to learn. You will be watched by someone who knows the instrument and can give you advice to improve your playing, which enables you to become more proficient in a shorter time frame. However, if you want to substitute or supplement your lessons with online drum courses and books there are plenty available:

  • Online Drum Courses - prices anywhere from free to $150 for an advanced DVD pack. Average is around $40 per lesson plan
  • Drum Lesson Books - prices anywhere from $15 to $50 with an average of $25
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