Get Equipped – Practice Pads

Cost To Learn How To Play Drums

When drum lessons begin, you’ll probably begin with rudiments and stick mechanics on a practice pad or snare drum. This is a good place to start, because it doesn’t make a ton of noise and will allow you to perfect your drum rudiments through all levels of drumming. There are entire drum kits available made from practice pads to give you a drumset feel without the noise and size of a traditional drum kit.

  • Drumm Practice Pad - costs between $15 and $60, with an average of $30
  • Drum Practice Pad Kit - costs between $100 and $250 with an average of $200

Get Equipped – The Drums

So you’re done with the practice pads and want to move on? You will need a drum set. Entry level drum equipment ranges in quality from inexpensive junk to tremendous quality. There are several reputable brands that Cost To Learn How To Play Drumsmanufacture quality drum set at entry-level prices. These drum sets include Tama, Gretsch, Pearl and Pacific (by DW). They sell full drum set packs, including all drum shells, hardware, stands and pedals. Cymbals are extra (and will be covered later in this article). An entry level drum kit will usually consist of the bass drum, a snare, 2 rack toms and a floor tom, a hi-hat stand, 2 cymbal stands and bass drum pedal.

  • Entry Level Drum Sets - cost between $300 and $500 with an average around $450
  • Mid Level Drum Sets - cost between $500 and $800 with better hardware and drum shells, averaging $700
  • Higher End Entry Drum Sets - will cost between $750 and $1200 and will have much better finishes, drum shells and overall quality. Average price around $900

The sound of the drum will change from manufacturer to manufacturer and from wood to wood. You may find that you like the attack of a Maple kit, or the volume of an Ash kit. You need to go to a local music store to try out various kits and see which finish and sound you like best.

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